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Harvey & The Moon is a French electro-rock band, formed in 2008 in Paris by guitarist, Naveed. Some might know Naveed from his solo work on the French Depeche Mode compilation "Children Of Depeche Mode" with his own version of "It's no good". After collaborating with the tasty French electro band Forestate, Naveed wants to start a new project that would mix punchy guitar riffs and subtle electronic touches.

The band's concept is to build an entire story through its albums, considering that each song is a chapter, that each album is a tome. It tells the adventures of Mila Bensley, a political refugee's child who crosses Europe to escape a tragic fate in the early 20th century. During her trip, she will meet plenty of weird characters who will make her commit unexpected acts and discover the dark side of humanity.

Since its creation, Harvey & The Moon have been rehearsing and performing mostly in Paris and its suburb, but now intends to cross the borders to get known abroad. The band was first signed to the Plasticine Music label before going to Believe Digital, the first European digital musical distributor, which broadcasted the first singles of the band since 2009.

The band's debut album "Some Collected Stories" was released in February 2010 and is available online through platforms such as Amazon for example. The band is now searching for a new label for its project to get further on.

(French) Conçu autour du récit imaginaire de la vie de Milla Bensley - enfant de réfugiée politique qui traversera toute l’Europe pour fuir son destin - Harvey & The Moon construit ses morceaux à la manière d’un auteur de roman : en les liant entre eux par un même fil conducteur, et en leur donnant plusieurs niveaux de lecture. Plusieurs visages, plusieurs voix: Le groupe ne s’impose aucune barrière musicale et débride son imagination, inventant son propre monde, entre electro-rock puissant, conte musical pour adultes, et ambiances cinématographiques.